March 30, 2010


Transitioning from living a college lifestyle to working at a full-time job is a big adjustment. While I was in college I thought I had way too many responsibilites, and now that I'm looking back I realize I had it made! I could skip class to sleep with no consequences, go on vacation whenever I wanted without worrying about using my paid vacation hours, and show up to class in the same thing I wore to bed the night before. For the first 3 months out here in Denver I spent the majority of my days feeling like I was still living the college lifestyle without having to attend the classes. My days were dedicated to searching for job opportunities, desperately seeking this transition to a 'big girl' lifestyle. I started to feel like a lost cause because the only thing I had scheduled each day was to get my run in. And right when I felt like I was beginning to lose my mind, a job came through. And now this transition is finally here, and what a great feeling it is!

When I first moved out here to Denver I had an interview scheduled right away with a marketing company for a job that was made out to be something completely different than it actually was. Thankfully, the second part of the interview process was a full-day job shadow, and this was where I realized they had sugar coated what the true job description was. I quickly understood that if I took this job I would have a hard time succeeding (mostly due to my own motivation) because being a door to door salesman for businesses is not what I want to do with my life. On to the next!

In the meantime I was put in contact with a lady out here in Denver that knows a guy I went to school with (he was in the grad program while I was an undergrad at UO). She manages an upscale steakhouse downtown, and used to work in the sports industry out here in Denver. She offered to allow me to be a cocktail server at the restaurant while I continued job searching, and even offered to put me in contact with people she knows that work in the sports industry out here! I was so excited and quickly accepted...little did I know what was about to come from my acceptance. I started training at the restaurant within the week, and began to have an uneasy feeling about it. I figured that I was overreacting, and needed to suck it up and get through the training for the sake of being put in contact with people in the sports industry. I continued telling myself this each night as I drove home from work in tears for a reason that was beyond me. And the longer this went on, the worse my anxiety got, which got bad enough that I wasn't eating or sleeping. This continued for about 4 days until I finally hit my breaking point on a Tuesday morning when I woke up and realized I wasn't going to be able to get my daily run in because I hadn't slept the night before or ate enough food to get me through a run OR hadn't finished my homework that was due for that day's training. I called Shannon in a panic (tears included) and chatted with her about it. At this point I had been praying every chance I get for some direction...should I stick it out or let it go. And the bottom line I got from our conversation was that if you're having that much anxiety about a simple serving job, than that's not where God wants you. So I acted on it and explained how I felt to the manager, removed myself from training, and just like that I had a huge sense of relief. Even though I was now back to square one without an income to pay my bills, I was relieved. And I didn't care.

The funny thing is, that night I went to my women's group at a local church where all the women have daughters that are older than me. It was always so nice to be around them, because it felt like having 5 mothers in a city where I felt so alone. That night I was able to explain what had happened earlier that day to them and the lady next to me said, "you need to talk to me after bible study tonight. I work at a golf course and was just told today that we need to hire one more person. I'm in charge of the hiring." It was at that moment when I realized that I had done the right thing by removing myself from training at the restaurant earlier that day. I love how God always removes your doubts when you've acted in faith.

So anyway, I went to the golf course to check it out, and decided that it would be a place that I would love to work. However, I wanted to put it on hold until I wrapped up the interview process with 2 companies that I had scheduled interviews with. So until then, it was on the back burner until I was sure I could commit. My first interview with a sponsorship company in downtown Denver went amazing, and I received a call back for the final round of interviews. I loved the company, but the job wasn't ideal although it did have some potential. The same day I finished up the final round of interviews with the sponsorship company was when I received a call from Faction Media asking me to schedule an interview. In short, both interviews with Faction went great, which leads me to where I am today.

Sitting at my make shift desk (my real desk is being assembled as we speak), I'm realizing as each day comes and goes that I may really enjoy this job! The company is great, my coworkers are amazing, and the job is ideal. The office is very modern looking, and the environment is professional, yet easy going. I get my own laptop, desktop, desk, and phone line. Dress is professional yet casual, meaning I get to wear nice jeans, heels and a nice top to work everyday. Coffee, tea, soda, and beer (YES I said beer, which I'll get to next) are all complimentary and there is a kitchen (dishwasher and all) that is full of dishes as if it were in someone's home. Every Friday anytime after 3pm employees are allowed to help themselves to the beer in the fridge in a professional manner. Meaning that Friday afternoon I can go grab a beer, sit back down at my desk and continue working while enjoying my beverage. My job specifically as the project manager means that I make sure everything is happening both internally and externally, that projects are being completed by our employees, the timeline that we scheduled for each of our client's project is being followed, and the clients expectations are being met. Lindsey calls us the "do-ers," which I think is pretty fitting.

So while the job has taken some adjustment and patience from my end (because it's not in the sports industry), I'm adjusting pretty well so far and am really beginning to enjoy it. And to think that just as I was starting to feel like I was going to lose my mind, the job came through! And maybe it wasn't what I had perceived as the perfect timing when I was job searching for 3 months, but maybe it was the perfect timing for this particular job. It may not be what I would have considered my dream job a few months back, but stepping out of the sports industry and into agency work is making me realize that I may not ever truely know what my dream job is until I'm looking right at it. And that I know will come from taking the plunge and putting myself out there into places that I never imagined working in before. Transitioning from living a college lifestyle to a big girl lifestyle has come with a whole different set of responsibilties, but I'm liking it (so far!).

I can't tell you how many times I began to question my move out here to Denver. Each time I was turned down from a job I started to think more and more about what I would do if I couldn't land a job and pay my bills, having to admit failure and ultimately move back home to Portland. I just think it's so amazing how God's plan begins to unfold during a time that is an absolute mess, when you're at your wits end, and that time that you're perceiving as a complete disaster turns out to actually be His perfect timing!

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