July 20, 2011

Battling An Injury

If there's one thing I've learned over the years about running, it's to back off when you're beginning to feel pain. Take a day or two off, give your body some rest, and try again. If the pain hasn't subsided after a few rest days, take a few more. Easier said than done, I know. In fact, I more than anyone know. This is coming from someone who never backs down to pain unless it's crippling. And last night's pain was crippling.

These last two to three weeks I've been battling a knee injury. I'm not exactly sure what caused the excruciating pain, so the only thing I can attribute it to is overuse. I couldn't even get in a 2 mile run yesterday. I was forced to stop a little past a mile and a half because my left knee felt like it was going to explode. So I walked for a bit, and then started up again thinking it'd be better. About 10 seconds later the same explosion pain returned. Dakota kept looking at me like she was saying, "what the heck, come on! Let's go!" But I was forced to walk home.

Folks, there is nothing more devastating to a runner than having to walk home.

I hate not being able to run. I hate the feeling of an incomplete run. I hate taking more than one day off in a row. But you know what I hate more?

Being forced to take weeks off because of an injury. So I tell myself, just like I did last night, that taking three to four days off to allow your body to rest and recoup is better than being forced to take weeks off due to an injury. Especially one you could have avoided with a few rest days.

And so, when you feel an injury coming, or pain beginning, just ice, rest, and eat some ice cream (it'll make you feel better). It's just what the doctor ordered, trust me!

{Knee Pain Tip}
A lot of knee pain in runners is due to tightness in the IT Band. Honestly - it's the first thing I check when my knee begins hurting. Why? Because your IT Band runs from the outside of your hip, down your thigh and attaches on the outside of your shin bone, just below the knee.  When the IT Band gets tight (usually from overuse) it affects your knee because it's main purpose is to provide stability to your knee joint during movement. For the most part, you'll feel central pain on the outside of your knee, that can also radiate over your entire knee if it gets too bad. Hence, knee pain. Roll that IT Band out for a few days. Be sure to also rest, ice and elevate your leg whenever possible. Don't know how to roll it out? Email me! Don't know if it's your IT Band? - check with your doctor, I am no expert! :)

And have a fabulous Wednesday!


  1. hahaha! I was going to ask- Is it your IT band?? But you've thought of that already, of course. :)

    My friend just got a bone spur from running. She's devastated. My BIL used to run for BYU and he said that they call that the runners kiss of death... So sad.

  2. OH! And I hope you get better soon!! I hope you have a FULL recovery!


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