July 13, 2011

Nicole's "Family" Rules

Mark my words: I will post this in my house, and it will read: "Nicole's House Rules."

I can't really put "Family Rules" because the only family this would apply to would be Dakota. And she can't read, nor does she follow any sort of rules.

Kidding. She minds her manners, and is a good dog. She really is.

But don't you love this? It's so appropriate, and true. I think a house should be full of laughter, and messy. Life is messy, so even though I have OCD when it comes to cleanliness, I think it's okay if a house gets messy once in awhile. After all, we live here.

Side note: I'm going to put another sign in my house that says "excuse the mess, but we live here."

After growing up in house with loads of yelling, I don't want that in my house. No way jose. I don't want to yell, nor do I want my children to learn that yelling is appropriate. Kindness please. Love, laughter, kindness, and an open door policy. Patience too. I want my house to be where people feel safe, where they can come to if they need advice, help, or even just some love. An open door house. With people full of grace.

And so, I will hang this sign. Along with another sign, one that sums all others up. It will be in the entry way, visible as soon as you enter the house, and it will read:

"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." (Joshua 24:15)


Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Hello friend! Oh how I have missed you and your blog!! Im getting back into the bloggy swing of things and you were one of my first stops =)
    I love this image! I found it just yesterday on Pinterest and I too will make one for my home! I love what it says! Wonderful post!!

  2. I think that's awesome. :) Beautiful.

  3. love this little picture! so awesome. i saved it to my computer ;)


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