July 2, 2011

Saturday Morning Randomness

I had a nightmare last night. A bad one. That I was contemplating giving my precious Dakota away to a family down the street. And at the last minute couldn't follow through with it.

I would NEVER give her away.


Would you give this cute little monster away? Didn't think so!
So I have no idea why I dreamt that.

In other news, I think I'm going to instate a Pinterest Day. I find way too many good things on there not to share. Or maybe I'll just do a Pinterest Day whenever I feel like it. That sounds better. 

Doing this, umm NOW!

Caprese Bites. I love Caprese, and this is perfect!

This looks like it could be somewhere in Oregon!

Did you know my brother & I used to have pet bunnies? I'll be sharing that story with you soon! 

Now, go and have a fabulous Fourth of July weekend! I'll be laying by the pool, getting a long run in, and oh yes, writing 3 papers. I kid you not. My fantastic physics professor was so kind to us this holiday weekend. 


  1. Oh my goodness. I would never, ever give someone as cute as her away! LOVE those nails too :D

  2. AW! I hate dreams like that! They make me anxious and I can't stop thinking about them. :P Love these pictures though! SO fantastic!

  3. I think our dogs just might be distant cousins! Found you by way of ftlob and will be checking back to see your latest adventures. Pls. stop by sometime and say hello....



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