August 14, 2011

Sunday Love || Be Healthy

Good morning! Ready for this week's Sunday Love post? I sure am!

Most of you have picked up on the fact that I'm a health freak. I'm that person that will tell people the McDonald's they're eating is terrible for them, and that they should be eating some protein and veggies instead. I interned for the University of Oregon Athletic Department for two years while I was in college, and Carl's Jr was one of our sponsors (hated it). For each game of every sport, we had to roll up t-shirts and place a Carls Jr coupon in each shirt to be given to the kids who participated in the promotions. I hated that we were promoting eating fast food to little kids, and asked my boss about it. She told me that there was no way around it and we just had to do it. So sometimes, when I would roll up the t-shirts, I would "forget" to place the Carls Jr coupon in it.

Like I said, I'm that person.

So today's Sunday Love post is all about being healthy. What more would you expect from me? :)

Common sense right? Wrong. Because most people don't drink near enough water. They also don't know that coffee and tea actually dehydrate you. Water is what we're made of, it's how our skin renews itself, and what we use to maintain energy for our busy lives. Drink it up, sisters. Your body and mind will thank you.

Get about 30 minutes of cardio in a day. Doesn't have to be running. Go for a walk, ride your bike, do intervals at the gym. Want to get a good butt workout? Do the stair-stepper. But bottom line, just get out and do something.

Want to know a secret? The secret to weight loss is lifting weights. Why? The more muscles you have, the faster metabolism you have. So you'll burn more calories in the long run. Cardio alone will not keep the weight off or maintain a healthy body mass index as effectively as cardio and lifting combined. Do high intervals with lighter weighs. Try using 8lb dumbbells and do 3 sets of 15 rather than 4 sets of 10. You want to be lean, not bulky.

Get some sleep! It's ideal to get between 7-8 hours a day. Any less and you'll be exhausted by mid-afternoon. Any more and you'll feel groggy. Another tidbit, it's the night before the night before that counts. If you have a race on Sunday, the sleep that counts is Friday night, not Saturday. It takes your body an entire day to catch up. So if you don't get any sleep Friday night, you're body will feel the repercussions on Sunday, not Saturday.

Always opt for whole grains over any other kind of carb - including wheat. People who eat whole grains have significantly less belly fat than those who don't. And besides, whole grains keep your heart healthy. It just kills me when people remove carbs from their diet. Why? Because carbs are vital to your health since your body uses carbs and turns them into energy. Rather than removing carbs completely, remove the bad carbs and replace them with whole grain carbs. Capesh?

Take your daily vitamins. And I don't just mean a multi-vitamin. Fish oil is a great supplement to take daily. It keeps your heart, skin, nails, and hair healthy and has lots of those omega-3 fatty acids most people lack. Another good one to include in your daily supplement list - calcium & vitamin D. Get a combined supplement, that way you cut down on the pills and are taking the two at the same time. Vitamin D helps with calcium absorption. Can I just tell you another fact? You know how when people begin to get sick, they start taking an excessive amount of Vitamin C. Guess what? Your body can only process about 1000 - 2000mg of the supplement a day. So the rest that you're pumping into your body, your peeing out. It's going to waste. 

Eat some fruit! They are full of fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidants among many other things vital to your health. To me, fruits are like candy. I love 'em. Try to include them when you're eating breakfast and lunch. And another tip - when you're craving dessert after dinner, cut up some fruit and drizzle melted dark chocolate over them. Don't drench them, drizzle them. It's healthy, and it'll hit the spot.

You knew what was coming next. Eat your vegetables! Your mother was accurate when you were a child. They're full of iron, vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants while being low in calories and sugar. My favorite veggie - spinach. I use it as the base for my salads on a daily basis. Hate veggies? Cut up some fresh veggies and chicken and make a stir fry. You can include those whole grains in your stir fry too :)

Use the stairs whenever given the option. Never ever opt for the elevator. You'll give your booty a good workout, and burn significantly more calories on a monthly basis if you take the stairs every single time rather than the elevator. Remember tip number two? It said to do something. Don't be lazy.

And last but not least, get out and enjoy your social life. It's good for you health, and your mind. Plus, it's fun! Having daily social interaction is vital to your life, and health. As long as you're not drinking and/or eating excessively. Enjoy your friends :)

Happy (and healthy) Sunday!


  1. I love this post!
    You are so right about McDonalds, it is nasty! I have been McDonalds free for 2 years! It feels great! haha!
    My husband and I have been wanting to eat more healthy but it is sometimes too expensive!
    Great post! Stopping by from FTOLB!!! Have an awesome Sunday!

  2. Visiting from Comment Love Day at FTLOB. Great tips! Love the whole grain mention. It can make a huge difference in your diet.

  3. Great post! We try to be as healthy and active as we can! Sometimes we cheat a little though.
    Thanks for stopping by LilMuseLily!

  4. Hey, I'm hopping over from FTLOB Comment Sunday.

    I am a HUGE supporter of Vitamin D supplements. A few years ago I was feeling so awful. I went to the doctor and they tested my D levels and I was bottomed out. Once I started taking the D supplements I started feeling so much better. I also taking a multi vitamin and cranberry pills. I had recurrent bladder infections (like once a month!). Antibiotics wouldn't even get rid of them. Since I started taking the cranberry pills I haven't had a single one. I also used to take fish oil but I was getting a lot of bruising. I know it's great for your heart though.

  5. Hi, i'm your newest follower from FTLOB! I love this post. This is exactly what I need to keep me motivated. :)

  6. I love this post lady- full of so many GREAT tips! I would consider myself pretty health conscious but there were a lot of things I learned! Thanks so much! And I am with you on fast food for kids- SO SAD! I get angry with schools for what they serve kids as well. And then they wonder why kids are overweight...

  7. Great post on being healthy! That sleeping image looks amazing! All great tips! Thanks! Newest follower!


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