August 20, 2011

Two Crazy Childhood Friends

 I just had to share this picture with you, because it's one of my favorites from my childhood. That's Katie and I, one of my very best friends. She's on the right, I'm on the left. And yes, we're still great friends. We even lived together our senior year of college - talk about some fun times! If you ever want to laugh until you're crying every single day for no reason, live with your childhood friend. That was hands down one of the best years of college.

I've shared so many memories with her over the past 20-some years, and I bet there are still many more to come. More memories are guaranteed to be made next week when we're running on the same team for the Hood to Coast. And you'll be hearing all about that event, don't you worry.

Anyway, I actually don't even know where or when this picture was taken, but a few years ago Katie found it and sent it to me via email. She has it hanging in her kitchen as I type. Wouldn't it be fun to recreate this picture now that we're older? I think I'm going to suggest to her that we do that. 

We met when we were about 2 or 3 years old, because we lived in the same neighborhood with about 15 other girls our age. We were blessed with a great neighborhood, and all of our parents were great friends. Every winter the neighborhood would have a giant Christmas party, and all the kids would be at one house with a babysitter. During the summers, the entire neighborhood would make their way down to Shasta for a week and rent houseboats. This was all back in the day when we could walk to each other's houses without our parents worrying. We were blessed, to say the least. And I'm so thankful for the way we grew up.

I'm also thankful that we're all still great friends. Nothing beats childhood friends. Nothing.

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. So cute!! :D I love childhood friends. They're still some of my best friends!!

  2. Renacting that picture will be the most adorable thing ever! A few of my neighbors and us used to go on vacation together and I agree...that is so much fun.

  3. I love this! I know I have some childhood friends whom I adore. There's nothing like an old friend! Love that photo!

  4. It's so beautiful when you find friends who understand you through everything. It's taken me a while to get to that point, and I'm jealous that you found it so long ago, but it's such a wonderful thing to find :)


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