December 5, 2011

Pick Your Passion

Good morning! I'm so happy to introduce you to Laura today. If you've never read her blog, Twirl, you are in for quite a treat. She is one of those bloggers that you email back and forth and suddenly feel like you could talk for hours if only you lived close enough. I wish I could sit down with her over coffee, so we could laugh and chat all day long. She has a heart as big as they come - and her passion for others is stunning. She's beyond genuine and makes you feel the kind of comfort that only "home" can bring - even when it's just through an email. I'm so honored that she's sharing a piece of her heart with us today. Enjoy!
Hello runners!

I'm Laura, from Twirl!

I can't nail down the day my path crossed with Nicole's but I am so happy it did, 
and I am beyond excited to be here!
Now if you've found me over here and you already know me, 
you're probably wondering what the heck I'm doing on a blog that appears to be about running.

A runner, I. am. not.

But Nicole has more loves in her life other than those running shoes, 
and I was invited to talk about one of them!
She graciously invited me to share about something I started to call 
The Grace Project

The full story is here.
You can read all about me as a bright-eyed, homesick 21 year old in Tanzania. 
You will learn that I spent 4 weeks working at an orphanage 
one summer in college during a season of much needed spiritual growth. 
I made a friend named Grace. 
She was raising her two kids on her own 
and she was the first and only African lady 
to make me feel safe and welcome in the Maasai market.

She moved my heart.
 I gave. 
It made a difference in her world and began turning mine upside down. 
And now friends, family, and readers are joining me in a mission to send her kids to school,
and help make her world a better place.

I would like to invite each of you to take our hands in praying for,
spreading the word about, or giving to Grace!

When I discovered Nicole's blog,
I learned that she had a "Grace" in her life too.
If you haven't read about her own personal mission to run for Arya, GO HERE!
There is a lot of work to be done in this crazy messed up world we live in,
and the best way to change it is to do what you can for one tiny piece of the puzzle.
I want to join Nicole in her recent urge to remember to let your life sparkle this Christmas season.
There there is no better time to start using your life
to make a difference in someone else's
than NOW.

Live with purpose. 
Pick your passion.
RUN with it!


  1. You are too too sweet Nicole! I have loved our emails & I'm so happy to be over here with you today!

  2. This is amazing! So inspiring, Laura (: Thanks for sharing!


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