December 28, 2011

Ringing in 2012

I'm all about New Year's resolutions, but what gets me is that I always forget what mine was by the end of the year. My 2011 New Year's resolution is long gone from my memory - although I'm thinking it was probably something like, "get my life back on track." Who truly knows. So I'll just pretend that's what it was, that way I can say I achieved it!

Nothing better than an achieved resolution.

This upcoming year's resolution is a bit different. It's not centered on one main idea such as, "run my fastest half marathon time." It's full of little, yet impactful, resolutions.  Something to better myself, and those around me. Something worth far more than a year-long goal. It's worth a lifetime, and beyond.

That last one is so hard to remember, because I am really hard on myself. I think we all are to some extent. We think we could have done more, could have done it better, didn't put in enough effort, think that we aren't good enough. How often do you think that last one to yourself? I think it more often than I care to admit. But something I'm realizing over time is that we are good enough, and it's the enemy that's feeding us that lie.

It's so important to remember that we're doing a great job, even if we don't hear it enough.

How about you - what's your New Year's resolution?

And on another note - I have a giveaway coming up that will help your running motivation - just in time for the New Year!

1 comment:

  1. Funny, i was just thinking about negative self talk last week. I need to better at this too! I have a bad habit of thinking I'M a failure if i fail at something, or I'M lazy if i have a lazy afternoon. I need to remind myself that a decision or two doesn't define me as a whole person. Good reminder. Excited about the giveaway.


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