February 3, 2012

January Miles

January was a month of tapering, procrastinating the start of my training plan, and quite honestly, lack of motivation. Out of all the years I've trained for a race, this is the first time it's been tough to officially get started. I'm not sure why, but I have an idea. And I do know that once I get that runner's high following my weekend long run, it's all back to normal. It's funny how that works, isn't it? You wake up dreading a run, and you finish that run with the thankfulness that you did it. Plus, Dakota would never let me get away with not getting a run in. She's just a big a runner as I am. The minute she sees those running tights go on, there's no going back.

So overall, my January miles were pretty low. I didn't begin training until the third week of the month and was tapering prior to that. But I am thankful that there are miles to be counted. Because miles to be counted means I was out doing something, staying healthy, and keeping myself active. And besides, monthly miles are just a part of the bigger picture - how many miles I ran in 2012.

Is anyone else logging miles for 2012?
Did any of you keep a log of your January miles?
How many did you run?

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. i really should log miles, but i never remember to do so.

  2. agreed on the runner's high after a long run! i've entered that zone where running doesn't feel like a chore and i look forward to it and crave it. it's like a perma-endorphins high! love love love it.

  3. love this idea!! i must have John and I start doing this! i ran my furst 2 miles last week... 4 weeks post baby and my first time running in 7 months and first time in the Denver air. It was a combo for a let down... John warned me about the running/altitude thing, I wheezed like a hard core smoker (btw.. am not!) So... how long did it take you to adjust to running in this air when u were here? there r SO many 5k's around HR we are very excited to get going on them :)

  4. I usually log miles for the week, but I think monthly is better. Between my concussion in the beginning of the month and an overall lack of motivation, I would say I logged about the same as you. I try to run a minimum of 20 miles/week, but this has not been happening lately. I miss the days when I would run 50+ miles a week- too bad it destroyed my body and I still haven't recovered. Ahh, the life of a runner. With the good comes bad.

  5. I didn't think to log my miles but i think I will from here on!! What a great motivator!

  6. Wow, girl. You impress me so much!! I don't log miles cause I have nothing to log ....so embarrassing :( BUT I'm totally doing yoga once a week and it's awesome. Are you proud of me or what?! ;)

  7. Hey 55 miles beats most people I know! So nice work running in the coldest month.

    I log my miles on a spreadsheet I made. I posted it earlier today. Cant believe it is already February- crazy!!

  8. Ohhh I love your blog! I just found it and am excited to follow! I just started training for a half marathon so I'm sure you have lots and lots of good running tips on here. Can't wait to check them all out :)


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