May 18, 2012


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it's been staying light out until 8:30pm and I'm loving it!

Dear Dakota, you are all better and back to your normal self! You're not moping around or favoring your hind leg at all! I thought for awhile there you were injured on top of having cold water tail. Thankfully, it was just the cold water tail and you can run with me again. Dear readers, Beth Moore is doing a summer Bible study on Kelly Minter's Nehemiah: A Heart That Can Break. I am absolutely taking part in it, and I think you should too! Check out Beth Moore's post on the details here. Dear biology, I did terrible on a quiz/mini-exam yesterday. I studied my notes, read the chapters in the book, completed the study guide, and knew the material forwards & backwards. Yet somehow I managed to mess it up and couldn't get myself to think straight. It's a fluke compared to my other grades on the mini-exams, but still. Thankfully, the lowest score of the five is dropped. So, you're dropped. Phew! Dear hill running, I'm actually enjoying you. It's spicing up my running routine and adding something new to it, which always keeps me interested. My legs are usually fatigued afterwards, but in a good way. Dakota loves running hills, too. Dear readers, speaking of Dakota and running, I realize I talk a lot about running with my dog. But I've never actually written a post about what it's like. Expect that soon! Dear week seven, see ya! You've been a dreadful week. Yesterday's mini-exam score topped it off. Onto week eight, which only puts us three weeks away from summer! Dear running community, I am in desperate need of new running shoes. I'm thinking of switching to a new (cheaper) pair. My all-time favorites are the Asics Kayano, but they're just so expensive for a girl on a lower-than-normal-student-budget-thanks-to-no-financial-aid. Any suggestions?



  1. darling blog! love the name! found you via the link up! xo

  2. It's funny that you like running up hill ! I dread that part of my running. I live in a very hilly area and had actually stoppped running because it was wearing me out lol. GOod for you that you love it !

    & I am having a Stella & Dot necklace ($198) giveaway on my blog & would love for you to check it out :D

  3. can't wait for your post about running with dakota and I am going to go look at beth moore's bible study right now! thanks for talking about it!loved your letters! thanks for linking up with me!


  4. Dakota! I can't wait to read about what it's like to run with her! I bet she goes loads farther than Toby does haha! And I've got nothing for cheap sneaks, sorry. My sneaks are hella expensive and that kind of sucks :(

  5. I need new running shoes, too!!! I definitely want a cheaper pair than I got last time. I'm not sure Nike is worth it! Hope you find your perfect pair!

  6. You should try looking at Nordstrom Rack for running shoes! People don't usually go to The Rack looking for running shoes, so there are usually good ones to choose from depending on your size. I also see good Asics there a lot. I almost always buy my running shoes from there, and although I am a Nike girl, I have tried the teal Kayanos on there a while back, and considered making the switch. :) I usually go to the one out at Clackamas town center, but downtown has good ones too sometimes. :)

  7. AH, I love Beth Moore. I also love that we only have 2.5 more weeks left of school now!! YAY :)


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