November 11, 2013

Snowshoeing White River. Government Camp, OR

 photo IMG_4123_edited_zps516e33aa.jpg

I went on my first snowshoeing adventure early this year. I think it was sometime in January right after the New Year. We went up late at night for a moonlit, wine drinking, group snowshoe trek. The very next day I ordered my very own pair of snowshoes from Costco because I loved it that much. I think what gets me about snowshoeing is that it combines my heart for the outdoors with staying active during the winter months. Walking around on snowshoes for 6+ hours isn't easy. It's like hiking on steroids because you're trekking through the snow, up and down hills. It makes your booty hurt (and probably look good) the next day. Mixing all that with sunshine and snow makes my heart extra full. So I ordered those snowshoes and went up multiple times before the spring weather took over. I would literally drag anyone along that I could convince to join myself and my pup. This particular snowshoe trip was in February of this year, and the fact that I'm just now getting around to sharing it is a testament to how my life has been this year.

 photo IMG_4080_edited_zps8536afc4.jpg  photo IMG_4093_edited_zps2506a26a.jpg  photo IMG_4121_edited_zpsd8ceec6a.jpg  photo IMG_4066_edited_zps9c33cea6.jpg  photo IMG_4114_edited_zpsec5825fe.jpg  photo IMG_4094_edited_zps4c419a06.jpg  photo IMG_4099_edited_zps1bee54d0.jpg  photo IMG_4111_edited_zps3a55917e.jpg

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  1. Beautiful! It hardly ever snows in Georgia so I've never done this before. Sounds like so much fun!


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